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If Windows Were...(A Person)
Please draw your own conclusions from this.

I'm not Anti Linux or Windows,I scanned and cleaned up the pic in Windows 7 & i uploaded it in Linux Manjaro!

Windows logos (c) Microsoft corp.
Apple logo (c) Apple.
Yardley Brown (A lost story from the 80's)
Sometime in the 1700's a Young man who lived a simple but hard life was one day returning from a long day at the mill,he stumbled across a large Gray rock in the middle of a field,he was then alarmed to hear a shrill voice coming from below the rock,he heard it again as the voice called out his name,knowing he couldn't just leave thinking someone he knew was stuck beneath,he lifted the rock,it was then the legend was born.

If you find a rock in a barren place and you hear your name called,do not lift the rock,if you do a bronze skinned dwarf like being with a pot belly,thin arms and legs will emerge from the darkness,vanilla honey locks of blond hair cascade from the back and sides of his otherwise large bald head,tiny beady eyes peer out from a leathery worry etched face,his child like looks hide a wicked mischief maker that his thin lips bearing a crooked smile of playfulness hide so well.

If you give him a moment he will grant you a single favour,all the day's work will be done as if by magic,all the chores are but a breeze,but beware the madness that rises by every second that passes in his company,he will soon make you tire of his interference ,beginning as a nagging nuisance  it then turns to a dawning fear that overcomes you,the bronze skinned being that once made life so easy for you has turned your life into an insufferable hell that he now controls completely as he unleashes more hell day by day upon you and your family,before he ruins your life and belongings with his dark magics you will have to find a way to put him back under the rock from whence he came.

Yardley Brown is a character from a children's fairytale/legends  book i used to own when i was around 8 years old, and i do not have the book any more so i drew this from what i can remember of the story and the art in the book.
Cekkii Female Feeder.
A 7th Circle rarity,an active burrowing female Cekii female feeding on their preferred food Humans,they are mostly dormant but can lay 100 eggs at a time,from which hatch screaming razor hags,which can cause sink holes to open up in the landscape from their subterranean activities,and their screams can disturb Ladyspiders  on occasion.
I have now have a Canon EOS 1D Mk3,
I can use one canon EF lens i have,35-135mm EF Ultrasonic,Along with adapters to fit non AF lenses on the canon EF mount:

Olympus OM mount Sunagor 28-70mm(Manual 3rd party lens from the 80's),this is a zoom lens,and a 55mm Russian Helios 1960's lens,an M42 screw mount lens with extension tubes,via adapters.which is nice....but..

I know the honey moon is over,i have had hot pixel issues which are annoying,but its fixable with noise reduction...


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United Kingdom
Primarily Horror interests me.
I work mostly with pencil and paper/occasionally i do Digital retouches on photos...
Feel free to comment...
Thank you to any who fave my work!


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Thanks for the many favs!I think I've fainted. Sweating a little... 
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Thank you for your favorites!
suttonQjuggernaut1 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Hello,your work is beautiful,such skill in your eye for detail,i draw horror but i also love pretty things,you are welcome:)
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thanks for the watch!
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Your work and ideas are brilliant!
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You're a fellow Babylon 5 disciple,your work is very good!:D (Big Grin) 
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